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Investment Property For Sale in Brazil

Real Property Fund (RPF) is a trading name of RPF Property Construction Limited a UK registered company that invest property for sale in Brazil. Registration No. 9045423, Registered address 8 Vernon Place, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3HG.

Real Property Fund owns and operates a Brazilian development construction company that is based exclusively in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. RPF construção Ltd, CNPJ: 12926782000173, Registered address: Estrada do itanhanga 1091, Itanhanga, Rio de Janeiro, RJ CEP: 22753-005 Brasil.

Our Mission

RPF's mission is to build quality and affordable housing for the low to middle income residential market and people buying property.

Our Services

RPF offers a comprehensive property investment service to our clients interested in property for sale in Brazil, including:

  1. Identification of prime land with the potential for growth,
  2. Co-ordination of architect plans, feasibility surveys, and land registry,
  3. Project management of all aspects of the build,
  4. Quarterly reports updating clients of the progress and status of their investment,
  5. Exit strategy

Real Property Fund Philosophy

Is to provide our clients buying property for sale in Brazil with solid construction projects. We undertake these projects with a view of providing quality affordable housing, whilst ensuring that we maximise returns for our investment partners. We make investing in property for sale in Brazil easier, quicker and much more effective.

Real Property Fund Team


Andrew Allan is CEO of Real Property Fund and oversees all investments and on-site project management activity. Andrew has been in Rio since 2006. He came here looking to invest in the property market having recognised Brazils potential. Andrew is fluent in Portuguese and has developed a vast network of local contacts; including:

  1. Architects
  2. Lawyers
  3. Real estate agents
  4. Skilled workforce

The business culture in Brazil is very different to European and US practices. Andrew’s extensive network of local contacts means that RPF can facilitate and deliver on each stage of the development process.

Andrew himself invests in the fund and this understandably means his determination is sincere and robust, which will reflect the fund's performance. In the 7 years, Andrew has been in Rio and he has personally overseen the completion of several developments which have all been successful, especially on a ROI basis. Andrew has over 17 years' experience of property development and management.


Our senior staff, Cecilia Castro is a respected Brazilian architect who worked as Executive Director in the Strategic Planning Department of the Rio de Janeiro city hall. Her knowledge and experience of all types of housing developments in and around the city makes her an exceptionally valuable member of the team.


Sicco Schmidt is a German Engineer–Architect who trained in Berlin, Vienna & Rio. He has worked on various projects here in Brazil including several 500+ HOME developments for the Minha Casa Minha Vida program. It is his experience, enthusiasm and professionalism that makes him a valued member of our senior staff.

Property for Sale in Brazil Team

Here at Real Property Fund, we are passionate about all of our projects and developments and we believe that a property for sale in Brazil is an excellent way for you invest your money into our developments. If there are any questions you have, please call us on 020 08798 3003 and one of our helpful team members will be more than happy to assist you. As Real Property Fund are your source for property investments in Brazil.