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Fixed Rate Property Investor Information Option

The fixed rate property investor information option from Real Property Fund offers a market beating rate of return secured by way of shares in RPF Property Construction. We offer a fixed rate of return at 9% annual interest on your investment.

The fixed rate option with Real Property Fund

A market beating return of 9% per annum paid yearly.

The highest rates offered by the banks are between 2% and 3% per annum.

Interest is fixed
Nearly all other investments offering such an attractive return are subject to fluctuation. The fixed return property investor information option from Real Property Fund offers a predictable level of income.

Investments are secured by way of debentures against the parent UK company RPF Property Construction Limited.

The share value increases along with the progress of the development. You can be assured that your investment is secured on an increasing asset value. Ethos Accountancy will secure your debenture agreement on behalf of Real Property Fund.

Interest is paid into your account yearly.
Real Property Fund will pay a fixed rate of 9% interest annually. With this fixed yearly income you can carry on with life knowing that your savings are producing a healthy income year on year.

Invest from as little as £5,000
We have lowered the barriers to property investment with Real Property Fund. You can invest from as little as £5,000.

24 month investment secured by way of debenture
Once you make your investment we must make you aware your funds will be locked up for a minimum period of 24 months. We are required to execute this lock up period to ensure we complete the development you are investing in within our development time frame. If you with to release your funds before the end of your lock up period an early redemptions penalty will apply.

Compare our rates with the highest interest rates offered by the banks

Share Deal Property Investor Information Option
9% Debenture Deal Option
Investment Annual Interest
(£) (£)
5,000 450
10,000 900
20,000 1,400
50,000 4,500
100,000 9,000
Savings Accounts offering the best rate of 2.96%
Investment Annual Interest
(£) (£)
5,000 148
10,000 296
20,000 592
50,000 1480
100,000 2960

Share Deal Property Investor Information Option

Share the investment, Share the return – up to 20% per project
Essentially, you will own shares in a particular development through the SPV Special Purpose Vehicle). This method of investment enables an investor to participate in a high value, high profit development with a small cash investment earning up to 20% interest on their investment. Please note this share deal option is only offered to certain knowledgeable investors on an invite only basis and is not open to all investors. Investors interested with this option are asked to contact us directly for further information.

Asset backed security
As a shareholder you receive the full benefits and security of property ownership without the hassles or liabilities of directly owning property.

Single purpose vehicle minimises risks to the investor
The SPV has no borrowings, no employees, no leases, no rent agreements, etc and therefore attracts a minimal liability or risk for the investor.

Completely passive investment
You purchase shares and we do the rest.

The SPV is Set up and managed by a respected Accountancy firm
A specialist firm of accountants form the SPV and ensure that it is compliant with all current legislation and regulations.

Low entry level
Opportunity to invest in a high profit deal with minimal investment (shares available from £5,000).

Average returns between 15% and 20% per deal
This is an unrivalled level of return in the marketplace for a UK based, asset backed investment of this type.

Projects carried out by vastly experienced development team
Our CEO & management team has over 7 years experience in Brazil. Our team have cumulatively developed over 7 new projects and are growing bigger and becoming more experienced with each new development.

Easy access to your investment
We offer the share deal property investor information option to sell your shares to other shareholders should you need to access your investment before the development has been sold. Terms and conditions apply. As Real Property Fund are your source for Brazil property investment opportunities.