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Our Invest in Brazil Developments

Real Property Fund is proud of its achievement over the last 7 years. We have completed numerous development projects; please see our portfolio below to invest in Brazil developments.

Real Property Fund is currently concentrating on the areas of Curicica and Pechincha which are suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. We have 1 development in each area and they have been financed through private investment. We started the administration phase of the Curicica project in September 2013, with the first spade in the ground in November 2014. We have just finished the block of 9 apartments as planned in July 2015 and are currently going through the sales process. The 7 house development in Pechincha commenced in April 2015 and we to complete the build in April 2016.

Curicica will benefit from the following planned improvements:

  1. The TransOlímpica highway is a transport project that passes directly through Curicica, connecting the Olympic Stadium in Barra da Tijuca to other Olympic sites across the City. This will bring a lasting legacy that will serve the community after the games have finished.
  2. The cluster of small favelas in Curicica will benefit by a number of government-led urban integration projects, which aims to clean up the area before the 2016 Olympic Games.
  3. Approximately 1km from the site of Olympic village, the HSBC arena, Rio 2 Conference/Exhibition centre, the Metropolitan centre, as well as the host of major residential and commercial developments.

All of these planned improvements should be completed in time for the 2016 Olympic Games, and we fully expect that properties in the area will rise significantly, as a result - this is the time to invest in Brazil developments.

Pechincha benefits from:

  1. Large demand for houses as the area is largely dominated by apartments, unlike Curicica which is made up almost entirely of houses.
  2. Close links to the city centre and Barra da Tijuca and the beach.
  3. A busy well to do neighbourhood that has a growing population and good schools.

The current Build types:

RPF works closely with local Architects and the Local ‘Prefeitura’ (the local council) to conduct the initial feasibility studies and to see which type of building is the best option, cost and profit wise.

The apartment blocks in Curicica:

  1. Gated development of 9 apartments,
  2. Consisting of 4 floors with 3 apartments on each of the 3 upper levels
  3. Car parking and caretakers apartment on the ground floor
  4. Each apartment consists of: 2 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, laundry area and balcony
  5. Each apartment will be approximately 60m2
  6. Roof garden and also a communal BBQ area on the ground floor

The development of houses in Pechincha:

  1. Gated development of 7 houses
  2. Each house covers an area of 94m2
  3. Upstairs: 3 bedrooms with 2 bathroom (1 bedroom is on suite)
  4. Downstairs: lounge, kitchen, laundry area, WC and a Garage
  5. Pitched tiled roof which gives the loft ample storage space
  6. Porcelain flooring and granite sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms.